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Some history:

In 1972 a group of aspiring artists formed the Salt Spring Painter’s Guild under the leadership of Emily Crosby. Windsor Utley, an international recognized artist, was the first president and instructor. The Guild’s purpose was to develop training opportunities for local artists. Initially, the group undertook a 3-year correspondence course with the BC School of Art. Over the years, the format blossomed into weekly workshops with instructors from Canada and the US, and from senior Guild members. The Guild also maintains a close connection to the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) through invitations to FCA members to present workshops and demonstrations to our members. In our photograph albums you will see familiar names like Kiff Holland, Robert Genn, Alan Wylie, Harry and Caren Heine, Loreen Legersky, Peter Lynde, Allan Edwards and Jack Avison. With about 100 active members, the Guild has become a vibrant and creative organization of individuals working in a wide range of media and styles.

Join Us !


“The Painters’ Guild promotes the artistic growth and self-expression of its members through encouragement, fellowship, mentoring and workshops. The only prerequisite of membership is a desire to draw and paint.”

To join the guild simply contact our registrar, or come to any of our regular Wednesday morning meetings at ArtSpring (fall and winter).

Painting and drawing workshops are presented regularly throughout the fall and winter sessions. Details are given in our program. To participate in the workshops, join the guild and then register.

Contact Us

SSI Painters’ Guild

100 Jackson Avenue

Ganges, BC V8K 2V8

 Bernadette Mertens-McAllister, President


Tel: 250-537 9225



Email: ssipg@hotmail.com

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